Every Dove Men + Care® supports paternity leave for dads

Through our strong heritage of recognizing men who care, one of the most important caring moments in a modern man’s life is when they become a father and in the earliest moments of their child’s life. Despite this, many Fathers do not take parental leave due to social barriers (see footnote 1 below for details). Dove Men+Care champions paternity leave and is committed to challenging the stereotypes that hold men back from taking this time.

Parental leave’s not just for moms

Things are changing, but there’s still a long way to go. The benefits of taking paternity leave for Men are clear. Research has shown that fathers see improved relationships with their partners, greater involvement with their children, and are more fulfilled if they take paternity leave2. That’s why Dove Men+Care is supporting positive changes in paternity stigmas and encouraging dads to take the leave that’s offered to them.

We launched #TakeTheTime to highlight the importance of paternity leave.

In March 2019, the federal government made some key changes to the rules governing parental and maternity leave in Canada3. Previously, parents had access to 35 weeks of paid leave to split whichever way they wanted. Now, there is an additional five weeks provided that parents share the leave and benefits, creating an incentive for fathers to take the time to care for their newborn.

To coincide with this and shine light on the positive change, Dove Men+Care launched #TakeTheTime, seeking to challenge stigmas by bringing to light attitudes and opinions that continue to hold men back from taking paternity leave. In showcasing these sentiments, our goal is to create a supportive culture by encouraging men to take the time to change the conversation around paternity leave.

Dad's care

Fighting the fight for men who care with Promundo

Working with Promundo, a global NGO, we’ve conducted research on men's experiences and attitudes when it comes to fatherhood, helping challenge parental stereotypes and shine a spotlight on the important role dads can play in their new kid’s lives. We’re also working to help improve men’s access to paid paternity leave by inviting other companies to collaborate and join us on our journey to improve workplace policy and culture. Attitudes are steadily shifting and we’ve still got a way to go, but together, we can get create a more parentally equal world.

1 https://www.dove.com/ca/en/men-care/paternity-leave-resources/the-barriers-that-prevent-dads-from-paternal-leave.html

2 Michael Kaufman, The Time Has Come. Why Men Must Join the Gender Equality Revolution, Toronto: House of Anansi Press, 2019, p.144

3 https://www.canada.ca/en/employment-social-development/campaigns/ei-improvements/parent-sharing.html

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