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We've donated 556 jars of Hellmann's® mayonnaise

In 2020 we donated 556 jars of Hellmann's® mayonnaise (based on 890mL jars) to food banks across Canada, and every day we help reduce food waste.

Real Food Rescue

Eggs, oil and vinegar—three simple, real ingredients that go into a jar of Hellmann’s. It’s food that’s as real as it gets. And frankly, we think that real food is far too good to waste. Here are some startling stats for you to sink your teeth into though: Canadians waste more than 873 pounds of food per person, every year! Despite this, four million Canadians go hungry annually. That’s why Hellmann’s has partnered with food recovery pioneer and Ashoka fellow Jean-Francois Archambault, and Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment (MLSE), to launch Real Food Rescue, a way to save real food that would otherwise be sent to landfills – and get it on the tables of those that need it most.

In 2019 we saved, and donated to those in need, an estimated 70,000 meals

It started with a stadium-sized statement of intent. Hellmann’s, MLSE and Ashoka took over a soccer match, and served sports fans delicious dishes made with food rescued from local grocery stores. Videos and banners around the stadium helped to educate on the existing issue and dispel misconceptions that this rescued food is simply waste. By enjoying Hellmann’s real food flavour, you’re helping continue this Real Food Rescue mission.

70000 meals saved and donated to those in need

Stopping food waste starts at home

Over 46% of Canada’s wasted food comes from our homes. But through simple tips and tricks that help shift attitudes towards what’s considered “wasted” food, it can be really easy to start limiting our food wastage. There’s still a lot of Canadians going hungry, and a lot of food being wasted, but by using Hellmann’s you’re helping support the Real Food Rescue’s ongoing mission.

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