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Every Hellmann’s® helps reduce food waste  

Make Taste, Not Waste. Almost half of all food waste happens in people’s homes. And do you know what’s to blame? Life. It gets in the way. It makes us think, “I’ve got nothing to eat”. Even when there’s food right there in our fridge. 

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That’s why Hellmann's is on a mission to help people be more resourceful, so that they can enjoy food for the simple pleasure it is and waste less, because after all 'Food is just too good to be wasted’! When you find yourself staring into your fridge thinking “I’ve got nothing to eat”, grab yourself a Hellmann’s jar and think “I can do something”. Because it's amazing what you can do with the ‘nothing' left in your fridge and a little Hellmann's. Use Hellmann's to whip up a dressing, make a delicious sandwich, or even a creamy pasta sauce.

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Fridge Night: Save Food, time, and money

In Canada, 60% of food waste happens in people’s homes, costing the average household $1,100 of food each year.

Fridge Night is a 4-week mission proven to make you more resourceful in the kitchen, save food, time and money. For every Fridge Night meal you make, we’ll donate an additional meal to someone in need; all via our existing donation program with our friends at Second Harvest.

Learn more about Fridge Night:

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Reducing both food waste and plastic waste

Did you know that Hellmann’s jars and bottles are made with 100% recycled plastic? This saves an estimated one million kg of virgin plastic each year.

Post-consumer recycled plastic is recovered plastic that is cleaned and reprocessed before getting a second life. Using PCR plastic has a lower carbon footprint and is less reliant on non-renewable natural resources, helping contribute to a sustainable circular economy for plastics.

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