Becel: An Unwavering Commitment to Heart Health Innovation and Education

Since 1978, Becel® has inspired Canadians to live with heart by eating better, staying active and making the most of each and every day. Created in 1960 as an alternative to existing spreads and butter, Becel® was introduced to Canada in 1978 as the country’s first and only non-hydrogenated margarine. Today Becel is the #1 margarine brand in Canada, with an unwavering commitment to heart health innovation and education. 

Becel® margarine is made with plant-based oils that harness the goodness of plants and seeds, to help you make healthy choices that include eating right. A healthy diet low in saturated and trans fat may reduce the risk of heart disease. Becel margarine is low in saturated fat and has no trans fat.

Becel and Heart & Stroke Foundation have been proud partners since 1978. In 1993, Becel became the title sponsor of Ride for Heart, Canada's largest charity cycling event in support of heart disease and stroke research, deepening its commitment to improving the heart health of Canadians. Throughout the 30 year relationship over $58M has been raised in support of heart disease and stroke research.

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