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Hellmann’s® uses real, simple ingredients

The Hellmann’s ® brand was founded on the principle of using real, simple ingredients like eggs, oil and vinegar. It’s why we created the Hellmann’s ® Real Food Movement ® in 2007, to help Canadians understand the delicious benefits of real food. We’ve since developed toolkits, guides and interactive recipes to show families how easy it can be to bring more real food to their tables.

And to expand on this commitment to using real, simple ingredients, Hellmann’s is on a path to using 100% free run eggs before the end of 2017 from Canadian farmers and uses 100% sustainably sourced canola* from Saskatchewan. Hellmann’s canola comes from farms that have adopted farming practices that are in line with the Unilever Sustainable Agriculture Code (USAC). The USAC covers 11 specific farming practices including: maintaining soil fertility, irrigation practices that conserve water, responsible use of energy and fertilizers and protection of biodiversity.

*Based on the volume of canola oil we purchase for our Hellmann’s products

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